Proven effectiveness of reducing transplant shock.

Results you can see

  • Higher seedling survival rates
  • Better seedling establishment
  • Greater biomass and leaf area
  • Faster root establishment
  • Reduced disease incidence
  • Maintains higher yield

Easy, flexible and safe applications

  • Aligns with standard production and crop-protection practices
  • For use in plant house sprayer and injection systems
  • Environmentally safe

Protects your investments

  • Greater yield, revenue and profit potential
  • Maximizes return on existing production investment

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Transplanting seedlings from the optimum environment of the plant house into the field is a predictable stress. Minimize the yield impact of that stress with LandSpring.

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"[LandSpring provides an] effective and easily implementable strategy to improve transplant performance."

Dr. Shinsuke Agehara
Assistant Professor, Horticultural Sciences

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The impact of plant stress such as heat, cold, drought, excess water, salinity, fertility, disease, insect damage, and physical damage are now mitigated. LandSpring blocks the impact of stress and helps get your crop off to a better start leading to a healthier and more productive crop.

LandSpring is the innovative pre-transplant technology that supports seedling quality through transplant and aids in withstanding early stresses in the field. LandSpring prevents the plant from sensing stress which allows it to establish more quickly and get off to a better yield trajectory.

How It Works

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LandSpring is proven to reduce seedling mortality in watermelons by up to 50%, as well as produce larger plants and earlier flowering and harvest.

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A healthier and more productive crop is a simple and safe application away. 

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